Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nail Colors for a Rainy Day.

I love Oregon, it's beautiful. It's a great place to live. It's wet most of the year which is why it is so green and lush. but sometimes that much rain can get depressing

This year our summer was ridiculous. It didn't start until mid July, the weather was more like rainy February, or November right up until it became summer suddenly. Rainy. Rainy, rainy, grey and depressing. SO DEPRESSING. Drab and sad..
.. and then it was gone.
Since Summer came and went with a snap of the fingers, I've been making my fingernails bright and sunny to offset the greyness outside.

Colorful nail polish is a great way to liven myself up since my wardrobe consists of mainly blacks, greys, and blues. At about 8 dollars a bottle (well, that's the most I will pay) per bottle it's cheaper than jewelry.

My current favorite polishes are in the pink orange red spectrum except one that you would think wouldn't be a fave at all.

1. Sally Hansen, 2. Essie, 3. O.P.I, 4. China Glaze, 5. Sally Hansen

1.Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Rapid Red.
I have two of these, the red is a very deep crimson, this polish goes on smooth, and thick, so one coat could be good enough if I am in a hurry. downside is if you leave the lid off too long it gets goopy really quickly.

2. Essie: Clambake.
I freaking LOVE this color. this is probably my favorite to just look at. It reminds me of the reddish orange colored pencils I had for school growing up. its bright and shiny, also could probably pass for one coat in a pinch. (Essie is 8 dollars)

3. O.P.I.: Manicurist of Seville.
this one is gorgeous. I think I like the color best when it is a little thinner. I found this color when I was given the worst professional manicure I've ever had.. but I did like the color. ;)

4. China Glaze: Rich and Famous.
I got this color for less than 3 dollars. and i got it right before I went to Las Vegas this summer and stayed at the Flamingo. and it's FLAMINGO PINK! This is a thick and rich pink.very pretty.

5. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Slick Slate.
Grey! I like to wear it when i do my nails like this..

You probably have seen this trend by now, lots of fashion bloggers are featuring it. I think it's really fun! I can use two pretty colors or a simple color and a bright color. grey and that purple matched my outfit seen here.

I was wearing grey jeans as well =)
Here are some more of my color combinations:

University of Oregon Ducks Football colors

I think nail polish is a cool way to accessorize.
How do you like to beat the bad weather blues?

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