Monday, August 1, 2011

Giant Purse Syndrome

Time to whine..

I have been carrying HUGE purses since high school.. No, since middle school. My school bags were always one shoulder messenger bags weighing around 25 lbs. Always filled with books and makeup and magic. Pretty much everything excluding the kitchen sink.. So,


I weighed my purse from the What's in Whitney's purse? installment. While empty, my favorite bag weighs under 5 lbs. With much much less junk than I had shown in that post, the barest essentials (my wallet, my phone, and my ipod) it weighs around 6 lbs.  Even with the reduced contents it's been KILLING my right shoulder. I stopped carrying such a large bag about three weeks ago. I downgraded to a really old bag that I don't particularly care for, in order to give my shoulder muscles/joint/?? a break for a while. Well, that really didn't help. Over this past weekend it became much worse. it started aching when I wasn't even moving. so today I started taking ibuprofen and I am using a.. wait for it.. freebie bag that I got for buying a MAC brush set during the  'A Tartan Tale Collection for Holiday 2010'.. Its a cross body clutch sized thing..It is the most neutral colored, cross body style, and smallest thing that will hold what I need to survive.. I am carrying, lip moisturizer, my phone, my debit card, my bus pass and my ID. It weighs a whopping 10 ounces.

M.A.C Tartan clutch with a pen for size reference.