Thursday, July 7, 2011

I should change this blog to "SHOES this SHOES that..." because seriously?... well..

In the last five days I have purchased seven pairs of shoes..

five pairs (in one day) from Beyond the Rack. and two more from DSW.

I think I have a problem..
I have been justifying the crazy shoe buying as "just getting ready for Vegas" A trip that I am taking in August with my boyfriend for my birthday

Then I had some reasonable thoughts on why I shouldn't buy a billion things (shoes) "for Vegas"

first of all.. we haven't even purchased the trip yet. I should be saving my money for that..
second.. I have zero outfits picked out, so I might be going about this the wrong way.. shoes should match the outfit not match the outfit to the shoes..
third.. I should be SAVING money for Vegas. main thing there is the gambling.
fourth.. we are only going for like five days.. I dont need seven pairs of shoes.
fifth.. I cant even walk in heels...
          ...but this barely counts as a reason.

But then more justifications kick in to cancel the reason out..

Hello!? Beyond the Rack has the most amazing deals of all time and how can I NOT buy 5 pairs of shoes that are like 75% off, PLUS, they are limited time deals! like as in just hours limited!
and $19.99 for a pair of shoes that was originally like $95? yes. I CAN'T! I JUST WANT TO HUG THEM ALL! (kind of like Debbie and all the cats)

Also, I had a ten dollar Rewards Certificate and a Triple Points coupon from DSW burning a hole in my purse. The triple points coupon was about to expire, and I wanted those points to get my next ten dollar rewards certificate. come on! because I NEED MORE SHOES!
Ok, maybe not need.. but hey.. I really did need some strappy shoes.. I only have pumps, which would be way too hot in the 109 degree plus heat that August in Las Vegas Nevada is sure to deliver.
but anyway..

Here is my haul from Beyond the Rack