Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's in Whitney's purse?

Wow, this title makes me think of the game "What's in grandma's purse" where you take turns going from A to Z making up things that are in "grandma's purse". It's fun because it involves more than just naming off items alphabetically, and you have to memorize all the items in order from A to Z and repeat it before you get to the next letter... I've played it while drinking and floating on intertubes on a lake with some friends, so that might have been why it was so fun. It's silly and mindless and something you can do when you are relaxing..

I will not be alphabetizing the contents of my purse. haha. but I have photos so this wont be totally boring,. hopefully...

YouTube is full of vlogs where people show you the contents of their purse, but I'm a little(lot) video camera shy..  so a photo blog is what you get today

Here is my purse. I LOVE IT. I got it from Nordstrom Rack, I had never heard of the brand, but I saw it and I picked it up and I had to own it.  OR by orYANY
They had it in a muted brownish red color that I debated getting instead, but as I believe I have said before, black is the go to color when I can't choose.

this purse is huge, and has expandable zipper panels. So it's just perfect for me. =)

So here is what I have in my purse, with the expandable zipper panels zipped up...

LOTS of stuff.

Here is a break down.

Beauty Products

1. My paddle brush, and a grandpa comb... For days when I don't bring my huge brush.
2. a black claw clippy. I only really use these for drying my hair so I'm not really sure why or how this got in my purse.
3. 15 hair pins for brown hair. why 15? That seems like so many you say? I have no idea. I probably keep stashing them, but i will NOT have fly away hair any time soon =) It's nice to have them, since my hair is too short to really put up.  
4. three nail polishes. OPI in Manicurist of Seville, OPI Top Coat, and Nicole by OPI in Make a Comet-ment
5. I got this really cool nail file with a plastic holder specifically for my purse so that my phone, sunglasses and ipod wont get scratched up and ruined
6. two pairs of tweezers. to be fair, they were in different pockets, so I didn't know they were in there.
7. two types of mascara, one is the Maybelline Turbo Volume Express waterproof mascara, and the other one is the Badgal plum mascara by Benefit.
8. My M.A.C Eye Kohl in Prunella
9. a M.A.C pencil sharpener.
10. Nivea A Kiss of Rejuvenation Q10 Anti-Aging lip care with SPF4 =)
11. Two M.A.C Compacts, one is the remnants of my old iridescent pressed powder in Belightful, and the other is the remnants of my Select sheer pressed powder in NW15.

12. OPI Avoplex cuticle oil to go
13. Bath & Body works Fresh Picked Hand Sanitizer. This stuff smells delicious, (like cherry pie) and I love hand sanitizer. When I dumped out my purse, I was surprised that I didn't have at least three of these in it.

And on to the next grouping, the next two are much smaller I promise.

14. Rite aid Face Sunscreen in SPF 100+ hehe.
15. Blink for contacts lubricating eye drops
16. Floss. I keep meaning to start flossing daily... but you know...
17. Midol!

18. my wallet. it's from cost plus I think, my mom got it for me for my birthday last year. it has zebras on it. I like zebras :D
19. two pens, one green ink and one purple.
20. my phone, Samsung Memoir, its a camera! no it's a phonera.
21. old tickets to movies, the ticket to Adam Carolla at the Aladdin theater that my boyfriend got me for my birthday, the auto show, and Portland Beavers Baseball tickets.
22. Keys to my work.
23. two shopping lists.
24. a lighter, just in case I need to light something on fire... honestly, I don't smoke or anything I just carry a lighter.
25. some recipes I printed out for the future bakitude.
26. Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead in the Family, by Charlaine Harris. This is what I read when I take the bus to work sometimes.
27. my ipod. and no headphones.. because I always forget them at work..

I think that's all I had in my purse. perhaps some day I will show you the inside of my wallet, but not tonight..

I got a manicure and pedicure done today, for my birthday which was last August.. but the gift certificate was good for a year.. =)

See? awkward pic, but you get the idea..
I have OPI Manicurist of Seville on my toes.
and a french mani on my fingers.

What kind of stuff do you carry in your purse?

Ok, That's all for now!

<3 Whitney


  1. i love this post! i did one like it on my blog, too! it's interesting to see what other people carry in their purses.
    girlfriend you could start a salon out of your purse!! ;) haha

  2. fun post! love you have a little bit if everything :)

  3. Haha, I love this idea. Everyone always makes fun of me when they hold my purse because it's so heavy and they wonder what's inside... I might have to make a post like this on mine and link it to yours.