Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maxi Dresses

When maxi dresses first became popular three or four summers ago, I was NOT a fan. at that time they were loose, ankle length tubes that made even twig figured women look like tree trunks.

but now.. Though, I am 51 percent sure that I will not be caught wearing a Maxi anytime soon...I love a few of the styles that now exist out there.
If only I weren't already a tree trunk.. But if I were... say,  Nicole Richie I would wear my own design, obviously.. and that would be awesome. Winter Kate is Nicole Richie's brand.. and I am IN LOVE with her collection which is for sale here.

My favorite style is this one:

So pretty! the Harlequin dress in red floral

and the same dress in the other color,

 If I had 570 dollars to spend on these two dresses ($285 each) I would absolutely have snatched them up by now and held them in my closet for the day when I lose like 40+ lbs and am able to look good in these gorgeous dresses...
for now, I will just keep my eyes open for imitations or similar styles.
If you know of any pretty maxi's that are less than or equal to $100 and resemble the above, please please let me know, I would love to have a dress like this for my Vegas vacation in August which I hope to be about 20 lbs thinner for.. :)


  1. I don't think they make people look like tree trunks, however I am definitely way too short for these and I'm pretty sure I would look like someone cut my legs off or something. Nice to drool over though!

  2. I was the same as you, when they first came out I hated them and felt like I would look like a massive blob of colour if I wore one but I have a really nice black one that's really flattering so I am now converted! :) x
    P.S thanks for following my blog