Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eyes make the face.

I've never been one to wear a ton of makeup. If my skin was clear enough consistently, I wouldn't wear any foundation or powder. I used to be able to do this in high school.
I really wish my skin was clear now tho because I am lazy.

My routine currently looks like this:

I wash my face in the shower
MAC Skin Brightening Serum
MAC Primer
Foundation of some kind.
Concealer on the uneven spots
MAC Powder all over
Little bit of blush
MAC Skin finish on my cheek bones.
then I curl my eyelashes. ( I know this is part of the eyes, but my curler stays home nowadays)
 then MAC fix + spray.

OK so that definitely seems like a lot but I hate that I  have to wear all this crap. so maybe my previous statement is incorrect.  It's more accurate to say, "I've never been one to WANT to wear a ton of makeup." I cannot stand the caked on feeling. It's just that age and mistreatment have taken natural beauty from me. HA HA I know I'm not exactly old and ugly now, but my skin has acquired blotchy, uneven parts over time that I have to cover up.

In high school and even a couple years after it.. I would have skipped all that and gone straight for the eyes.

The EYES make the face and always will.. I usually do my face routine at home, and then do my eyes at work to save time...I guess?

The eye routine honestly takes less than 5 minutes, probably about 90 seconds. So I'm not sure who I am kidding with that time saving crap.  *LAZY*

On days when I do NOT do my eyes at all, due to lack of time or forgetting or LAZINESS..whatever, I get comments like "WOW, you look really tired." or "Are you feeling okay?"


Eyes are really easy. So there is no excuse for me not doing it. Other than, I don't really care whether people find me attractive at work. in fact I would prefer if they thought I was plain Jane.
White eyeliner in the waterline. (MAC)
Black eyeliner on the lower lash line.. Or not (MAC)
Black mascara. (Benefit)

And those three steps make me look awake and healthy...

Proof is in the pictures.

Before enl-EYE-tenment:

No flash

with flash


No flash

with flash

Subtle but dramatic. which makes no sense.

I still look tired because I am tired in the morning. ;) but I think if you were walking into the office and saw me blankly looking at my computer looking like the after pictures, you may not question my well being. ;)

On a completely unrelated note..

Does anyone know of a good powder brush such as a kabuki that doesn't shed like the MAC 182 buffer brush? after I use it my face looks like I have been snuggling a brown goat. plus I think it eats my powder. which is logical because goats eat everything. No Bueno. It cost me $49.50 so I thought it would be magical. Not so much..

I've been using some bamboo all natural fiber brushes I got from Rite Aid for my bronzer and highlighter lately.. and those seem decent. They're very soft with very little shedding. maybe I will get one of their kabuki type? I kind of worry they might eat my powder as well, but I suppose that is better than having to take a hairdryer or tweezers and blast or pick all the fur off my face and shirt...

This is a dramatization made with "Paint" but it's pretty accurate.
I actually looked it up and the brushes are made with goat hair.. which is how I came up with that animal earlier ;).

Please let me know if you have any suggestions here.

About today's post,

I just thought I would show you all what is probably  pretty obvious. But I still think it's important to show before and after of what two or three steps in the morning can do for an entire look!

I will keep looking for products to give me clear skin.. (fountain of youth?), so that I can go without "face makeup" like back in the olden days...

and of course if I find such a miracle, you bet I'll share it with you!

<3 Whitney

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  1. the real techniques brushes at ulta are cheap (around 7 dollars a brush) and really nice quality for the price.