Sunday, February 19, 2012

Collecting Shoes (and Collecting dust)

I used to collect turtle figurines, and Beanie Babies.
I collect shoes and nail polish and recently Revlon Lip Butter.

I think the most important part of collecting things is displaying what you have. I want it to be like a museum. velvet roped off displays of pumps and flats, and 10 dollars admission to visit my shoes.. haha just kidding. but seriously, I would love to have my pretty shoes displayed on shelves in my dressing room like so...

Christina Aguilera's shoe collection

A girl can dream right?
I do not actually have enough space in my closet or room for a display like these.. maybe someday.

I recently realized that I haven't worn about 10 pairs of shoes I have purchased. Once in a while I clean out my closet, and give the shoes in good condition that I can bear to part with to friends, and the gross sneakers and worn out flats go in the trash can.  Last summer I bought six pairs of shoes from Beyond the Rack, as seen in this post . I have not worn a single pair of them yet.. I attempted to put on the crazy clog wedges this morning since the color is an exact match to the sweater I am wearing today, but I decided on this old faithful pair instead.

These shoes are well loved and almost worn out, I got them several years ago from Nordstrom Rack when I was on a quest for red shoes before they were easy to find. These are BCBGirls.

I actually have a rediculous excuse as to why much of my boot collection has never been worn. Boots are so pretty, but my big calves make it impossible to zip them up comfortably. I plan to somehow lose weight in my legs and be able to wear them in the future (with Liposuction of the calves?). I am envious of people who can tuck their jeans into their boots and have room to spare... I can only wear them sometimes with tights, but mostly they just sit in the bottom of my closet being pretty and patiently waiting for a miracle. but until that magical day, I collect the pairs I can't live without.
The only problem I face with being able to wear the other shoes is I have nothing to wear them with. I frequently buy shoes so I can build an outfit around them, instead of the other way around. Is this a normal girl thing?
the strappy shoes in the above linked blog were mostly just too good a deal to pass up.  I bought them because I couldn't not. I LOVE those shoes.They will get worn. They are all great quality, and since they are super strappy they are relatively comfortable. I am excited for summer and an event to show them off.

Back to the display part of my collection.
I have my shoes in two hanging shoe organizers next to some jackets and dresses in my unbelieveably small closet....

...and one hideously ugly mesh pocket orgnaizer for over the closet door. It has two pairs of shoes stuffed in each pocket.

and finally on the floor of my closet I have all of my boots lined up together in two neat little rows.

My shoe collection is a fair size. I am trying to figure out how I can fit another blue shoe organizer in there and also keep my clothes hanging up. I already have those metal As Seen On TV Wonder hangers

these, but the metal version, I tried the plastic ones first but they weren't strong enough.

These things save a ton of space, but they can be difficult to use, as to get clothes off you have to return the hanger to the horizontal position, and when you have three or four of these on your closet bar, there is barely room to even do that with one at a time. I will figure something out. :)

How do you display your shoes/collections? What do you collect? How did you start collecting?

<3 Whitney

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