Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oxford Style Lady-Shoes

Oxfords are a pretty and preppy trend at the moment.  I am not terribly preppy, but I absolutely LOVE oxfords. I bought a pair of black oxfords by BC Footwear at Nordstrom Rack a couple months ago.

 I was infatuated the moment I saw them... 

 And a side view to display the little wooden wedge..

They came in this other pinky brown color too..

I had a terrible time deciding which color to go with..

I bought the black ones because I also fell in love with these shoes by MIA

and I couldn't justify get two pinkish shoes..
I really wanted to buy all three pairs, but I couldn't really afford to do that..

But I digress..
I got the following boots from Avenue, where I went to look for some boots that would fit my wide calves.. ( I don't know if I have ever mentioned this but I have calves that won't fit into any regular boots except rain boots.)
These were $19.99 at the time, and again.. I couldn't pass them up. they are cute and comfortable. =)
They aren't exactly Oxford, but they are lace up.. and kinda vintage looking... haha.

And then there were these that I found today on and was so excited until I glanced below the picture, and noticed the price is just under $600. =( but I pinned them on Pinterest anyway.

Ralph Lauren Collection Peg Oxford Pumps also available in black

Last night I was looking at the Nordstrom catalog that came in the mail.. and there were two pairs that made me get online and see what they looked like in my virtual cart..


 The BP. 'Paxton' Oxford Flat in White Coral and  DV by Dolce Vita 'Delice' Flat in Blue Suede

in Cognac

In Mushroom

In Taupe Suede

In Hot Pink Suede

 the BP Paxton is $59.95 and the DV by Dolce Vita is $78.95..
After looking at them online, I am more partial to the Paxton.. but shouldn't everyone have some blue suede shoes?

I don't think I am going to be purchasing either of them tho.. =/ I have to save up for my Star Wars Xbox bundle.


I'll keep you updated on how I like that bundle in April..

In the meantime I hope to post quite a bit more about earrings, and possibly hair, and more shoes.
 I hope you enjoy!

<3 Whitney

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