Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Curse of the Third Haircut.

Yay! Finally a hair post and it's like a Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys caper! (except I am unable to come up with a solution... Can you help me?)

I rarely get my hairs cut. I generally like my hair to be long so it gets cut about 3 times a year. and then it's just a trim..

My mom has had relatively short hair her entire adult life. This means she gets her hair cut about every four to six weeks, and she consistently experiences the phenomenon that we refer to as 'The Curse of the Third Haircut'..

My mom will go to a new stylist, get a good haircut from them, then six weeks later she will get another good haircut from them, then like clockwork,  the third haircut from this person who has previously given two great cuts is absolutely dreadful.
At which point she is forced to find a new stylist..

One of my theories is that the stylist starts to get comfortable and cocky once you've come back the third time so they feel like you're so familiar with each other it's a good idea to try different or new techniques.
Or maybe they get lazy and slack off?

I honestly don't know what happens between the second and third haircut, but whatever it is it's bad.

my mom has been growing out her layers for over a year from a 3rd haircut that caused her to have a super short layer in what should have been a pretty simple long bob style.. she somehow constantly kept having one side of her hair with one chunk of a super short 2 inch long layer.. .
Anyway, she grew that out pretty well, and had a very nice A-Line bob like mine by from the same lady that did mine two years ago (Kim), but Kim moved across the country after my mom got two good cuts, and then my mom got two good cuts from Kim's coworker and then that lady dropped off the face of the earth or something..
My mom had to find a new stylist again..
 One of her acquaintances does hair in a nice little salon near her work so she was a convenient choice with a good reputation. As usual the first two cuts were good, but during the third one, as I sat behind my mom, and watched this lady cut a random chunk from the bottom of the back of her hair (think of  a Tom and Jerry cartoon mouse hole in the baseboard but instead of a house it's the baseboards of her HAIR) while she was talking to my mom. then she flat ironed it out so it looked more acceptable, but my mom and I both noticed it.. Since it wasn't too bad, my mom sort of brushed it off and went  back to her last week... for a fourth cut..




 I was speechless..

I could not imagine how this was an acceptable haircut...

My mom believes that she had just been using the good style from before as a template.. This lady actually didn't know how to cut an A-line, but has been faking it for 6 months by trimming the grow out ..

I have no idea how to fix this Third haircut thing, but I think my mom should really either switch it up after two haircuts, or just grow her hair out..

If you are thinking that oh she's had two bad third haircut experiences.. boo hoo, that's not a curse... ok. let me list them..

Her hair was FRIED by one crazy stylist who left her with bleach processing for 45 minutes..

She's had a lady twist an inch of her hair and then take the shearsand ran them UP AND DOWN her super fine twisted lock of hair to "create layers". The result was horrid frizz and split ends from her roots to her ends..

She's had many many bad experiences with them using razors and thinning shears to make layers. she has the same type of hair as I do. it's super super fine, but there is a ton of it. any razor action doesn't make it texured, it makes it whispy and look like shit. --we are now not afraid to yell STOP! and NO! if they pull out anything that resembles a razor-

I am tempted to learn how to cut hair JUST so I can do my mom's hair for her.. even if i just learn this ONE cut...It would save her so much stress!

I mean.. seriously? this is an illustration that emphasizes the levels of the layers..

and one for fun:

"arrrgghh! Layermonster ate upper layer"

Leave a comment with a horrific experience you had at the hairdresser.
Have you experienced this certain number of haircuts curse?
Do you have any suggestions for how to solve this problem other than me going to beauty school ;)  ?


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