Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Did the Pouf go the way of the Dodo?

My mad Microsoft paint photo editing skills.  ;)

I was looking in the mirror about an hour ago at my washed unbrushed, undried hair that I didn't have time to do anything with today other than throw up in a messy bun, and I cringed.

I pulled it out of the bun to flatten out the top of my head so it wouldn't dry looking crunchy, and I played with the idea of doing a poof. (pouf ?)

And I became aware that it is officially ridiculous looking on me.

uh.. what the h-e-double el?

Two years ago this was my staple look.. it would be a small poof for casual going to work or the movies or shopping, and a haystack sized pouf for going out to the bars with the girls.
I say "poof" because the word looks casual. and "pouf" looks fancy, ;) Although, now I think I would call it a "pewf" as in....ew.

evidence of the glory days of the poof/pouf.

haha a VERY posed picture.

roots a plenty!

blegh, We'll just say the "W" is for Whitney.

a going out pouf.. (got my makeup done at MAC too.)

one more for good measure. and in remembrance of the poof master..

Imitation Amy Winehouse way back when she first hit it big. This is just super silliness time... 
 I didn't leave the house. don't worry.
Thank goodness I never deleted my myspace, because the majority of these pics are from there. It makes me kind of uncomfortable to go through those pictures because a ton of them are awkward memories and pictures taken with irrelevant people that I am not associated with anymore.

But it does make me thankful of the people that I have in my life right NOW.

but as far as the poof/pouf/pewf goes..

I haven't seen too many ladies rocking that look lately, other than "Snookie" with her ginormous bouffant do.

It suits her. :)

I'm a little glad I never bought any Bumpits..
If you have any idea if the poof is gone(extinct) or has been modified (endangered or reborn), please let me know.. It was a great and easy hair do. All I needed was three bobby pins and two hands.. to complete a look that kept my hair out of my face..

Now I just wish I could get the Lauren Conrad braid to work well enough for me to wear it out of the house...

SO cute!

I know this is a picture heavy post. Ive been having some internet issues, but I am working on some more interesting posts that will probably be up next month. more hair and some makeup me thinks. maybe even a Christmas wish list type post.

<3 Whitney

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  1. I totally bought bumpits, but never wore them because my hair is too thin and they showed through... but I used to LOVE the bump! Especially when I worked at McGrath's and had to wear my hair up, there's only so much you can do to pull your bangs back, and that was my favorite. I loved rocking the simple bump and some red lipstick... classy.

    If you're asking me if it's extinct, I say no. I only gave up on it because Tyler made fun of me every time I wore it, however I don't think he's very knowledgeable about what other women think looks good.

    Oh well, I'm sure in 15 years we'll all look back and laugh at it.