Friday, May 27, 2011

Shoes here, Shoes there...


Hair this, hair that is kind of turning out to be a monthly posting blog
Honestly it's not on purpose; it’s just the way it goes sometimes.
I will try to post more frequently, as the summer approaches I hope to feel more inspired by fashion.

Anyway, I have been buying many shoes lately... as in 4 pairs within the past 6 days. And I want to share my purchases with you. =)

We got a new DSW store in town, and I really don't need much of an excuse to go shoe shopping, but I did need something to do while hanging out with a friend, so off we went to the Designer Shoe Warehouse. It's not really a warehouse, but it is a HUGE room full of shoes, and DISCOUNTED shoes.

I freaking LOVE IT THERE because I LOVE SHOES. If I were wealthy I would have an entire room designated to storing my shoes. I already buy shoes constantly, so I should have a vault of shoes if I am a millionaire :D
My DSW purchases!

I was looking at some lace-up black and cream saddle shoe style, and I was thinking, I love these, but I don’t think I can pull this look off and then I saw these...

YUMMY, they look delicious.
and remind me of this...


Dulce De Leche

I have been eyeing the next pair for over a year,
and they still had them in my size store!! 

JELLIES!!!! And Steve Madden Jellies no less.
The MOMENT I saw them it was a done deal.
I would have purchased them even if they hurt like hell. 

and of course...
There are these black not quite flats. They are really cute and simple.

I had to choose between these and some Steve Madden black leather flats
...Honestly, I think I might need to go get the SM pair as well.
But the heel height is what sold me on these.

I wore the above shoes to work the other day, half a mile from my house to bus, and a mile from bus to office and I realized..... OWie. So they will be worn on the days I get rides to work. I was NOT looking forward to the bus ride and walk home, and I recall a store in town that sells TOMS "one for one". When you buy a pair, TOMS gives a pair to needy children.

When I can't decide what color to get.. Black is the go to...
plus they only had black and navy in my size..

In other news, I am trying to inventory all my shoes with photos and blurbs about why I love them to send in to one of my favorite blogs, Fashionable People Questionable Things where they do something called Monday Shoe Porn.. I think it's fun to check out other peoples shoe collections. =)

Monday will be my first paid day off from work, SO exciting!
Happy Memorial Day!

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